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If you’re looking to “Photoshop” your friends, family, & co-workers faces onto another image, this is the app for you. Wanna add some funny hats, beards, sunglasses, props, etc. easily too? They got that down. Easy to use, very powerful once you learn the ins and outs of the app.

PicSay Pro Photo Editor is free for owners of Android devices with which you can quickly impose a variety of photo effects, adjust color balance, and add funny stickers.up to 13MP for devices that can handle it Supports high-resolution editing 

PicSay Pro Photo Editor is for those who want to give new life to old photos, create a cool avatar or simply take a photo-jokes and have fun with friends. This photo editor for Android is very easy to learn, able to cope with it even a child. , paint, make color splash out of black-and-white pictures, add text, word balloons, distort, insert cutouts of other pictures.

It does not make it more difficult to work with it – a very easy to understand, and understandable icons.PicSay pro photo editor allows you to perform basic image enhancements on your phone. In this apps lots of fun effects to liven up your snaps.

apply effects like Sharpen, remove red eye, crop & straighten, Cross Process, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch, and much more. Start by selecting a photo from the gallery or the file manager and PicSay will give you a choice of three image resolutions to work in. Once selected, the picture will be displayed full screen and you can start playing around with the tools via the Menu button or just by tapping the screen.

Pros of PicSay Pro Photo Editor review

  • Send generated images directly from the program;
  • Convenient and easy operation;
  • No advertising.
  • The update fixes crash when loading an image Please email if you have any issues

In general, though, PicSay offers a fast, free way to have fun with your photos while you’re on the move. The update fixes crash when loading an image Please email if you have any issues simple and versatile Photoshop for Android, with which you can quickly create interesting and beautiful images. But to get a really powerful photo editor with various effects, you’ll need the full version.



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