Lucky Patcher APK for Android – APK Download


Hello, Mafias what’s up?  Today I am going to tell you about a very important app which is very useful too Apss name is Lucky par.Lucky patcher is a fantastic app for Android users because it helps to crack most of apps and games. So today we are here to write a brief post about how to use lucky patcher apk on any android device or Android emulators.  Do you know what is lucky patcher and its features? I think  You may already know. anyway, who don’t know about it lets discuss lucky patcher.there may be newbies who don’t know anything about lucky patcher or its features and how to use it, so let’s start…..

Lucky Patcher APK for Android - APK Download

Lucky patcher is an app which developed to crack or hack any android app whatever the app is game or anything, lucky patcher can crack the app and unlock most of its premium features. Lucky patcher is mostly used by android gamers because this app can be used to unlock most of the game levels and for unlimited gems or coins.

Lucky patcher can be used for license verification of most of the games like Asphalt 8  other Gameloft games. 


  • App converter –  you can convert System apps   into user app and user apps t into system apps
  • License verification – you can use this app to verify apps license
  • Custom patches- custom patches already added patches for most of the famous apps and games
  • System app remover- you can remove bloatware using lucky patcher
  • Move apps- you can apps from Internal SD to External SD card


How to use lucky patcher apk

Lucky patcher can be used for different purposes, to remove ads or crack games or maybe for app modification it really depends upon you. for your need you can use this, Mainly lucky patcher is used for

  • removing ads,
  • applying custom patches,
  • App modification
  • License verification
  • In-app purchase

How to use lucky patcher to Remove Ads

 From lucky patcher app can remove google ads. But How? follow this

  1. Download lucky patcher latest version from above link
  2. Install and allow root access
  3. For remove, ads Select the app that you want to
  4. Now option patch to remove ads
  5. From now the ads from the selected app will longer work
  6. now open the app and check if the patch is working or not

How to use lucky patcher to change the permission

You can change apps permissions like accessing your data or using other apps like cameras  etc. follow below steps to change permissions

  1. If You want lucky patcher app and grant root permission Download app and install
  2. select the app from lucky patcher which you want to change the permission
  3. Now tap on permission for disabling the permission
  4. tap on permission for enabling
  5. To apply you must need to reboot your android device

How to use lucky patcher apk And How to apply Custom patches?

custom patches are already added patches for popular games and apps you can use this patches to crack your games and apps, most of the time custom patches are enough they include ad removing, unlocking premium features etc

  1. The lucky patcher app Download and install and open app to grant root permission
  2. select the app which you want to apply custom patches
  3. select custom patches from the option list
  4. run app check if the patch worked or not


How to use lucky patcher apk for in-app purchase

you can use lucky patcher for an in-app purchase. I already have written a post about how to use lucky patcher for you can follow this link to know more about the app purchasing


sometimes lucky patcher won’t work in some devices but don’t worry there are some alternatives available for lucky patcher you can refer this page to know more about


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