[Latest] AZ Screen Recorder Premium -Download


Download AZ Screen Recorder Premium It is really a good recorder. best recording app for mobile., Well made and easy to use the app. All you do is tap like you would normally do to open an app and a small floating controller appears on your screen.

[Latest] AZ Screen Recorder Premium -Download


 Developer            HECORAT
Android    Lollipop and above
version   v5.1.1


Download AZ Screen Recorder Premium)

AZ Screen Recorder Pro is the best available screen recording app in today’s time. It lets you do whatever you want to record. It is the only app which allows you to Play and Pause which recording screen

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It is easy to use and records audio from your device and from your microphone, This is a very good screen capture app, it even records audio from my android devices’ mic. The video quality is pretty good.high-quality screen recorder. and surprisingly has a LOT of bonus editing features like cropping, trimming ends or trimming the middle, as well as the option to add stickers, it’s really very versatile


What’s New AZ Screen Recorder Premium

  1. the voice was sounded loud and clear on this recorder
  2. Very user-friendly, simple layout
  3. Overlay front camera: face and your emotions in a small overlay window
  4. Countdown Timer: countdown timer will wait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment you want.
  5. Draw on the screen: draw a symbol or mark something
  6. Trim videos: trim the parts you don’t want
  7. Live stream: added
  8. Magic button: recording without showing anything on the screen
  9. live stream to different social networks
  10. record your screen to HD and FullHD video
  11. create the tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game and gameplay or record video chat.
  12. you can snap at the exact moment on any screen
  13. No watermark
  14.  It does NOT require root access,

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root

Mod apk screenshot

[Latest] AZ Screen Recorder Premium -Download


[Latest] AZ Screen Recorder Premium -Download

User Reviews

1 st user Gacha 

I have been constantly looking for a screen recording app and apparently, this one is one of the best. However, is it really that hard to design an app that doesn’t have a watermark or to pull down notifications to stop? It is alright. It is pretty much like all the other recording apps here.

2nd User  Paul Mckenzie

this recorder is awesome and is very easy to use I wish I knew about this a long time ago I have a farm in Jamaica and my workers need training, now I can just record things from my phone wherever I am and send it to them so they can understand my research and give the plants the exact care that they need whether it’s measuring out nutrients or showing them ways to ward off pests and so on. I love this app I downloaded it and then I upgraded it right away because it’s exactly what I want.

3 rd User Ash

This is a great app.  now there’s an amazing AZ bar that at the top of the screen after pressing record. It takes about 6 to 7 seconds for it to appear on its own and be swiped away. nice It used to do this. I’ vet changed settings from how I had it all these months. Please update always

4 th user Daniel

well it was really good..until it all comes down to the sound, i know this can be really bugging sometimes because other than this being honestly a great working app it can be really annoying when u hear the background noises coming from your back garden or your room it would be much more better if you could be able to bring back the internal sound so that the videos don’t have to be spoiled by unnecessary sounds. nice non-obtrusive pop-up, and high definition recordings. Screenshots and screenshot editing are very useful

Mario Bros

Records great, but just wish it could record the I eternal audio instead of having to reply on the external because then the audio is always echoed and would pick up sounds of anyone talking outside. this is really good. I downloaded it about a year ago because I needed to record a vid for install and now I’m using it for basically the same thing and it still works really well. I like this app. and I used it on multiple devices and it’s worked on all of em so that great too

Roy Gardner

I downloaded every single screen recorder and this was the last that I saw.. and all of them wasn’t recording the audio what song is playing.. it just records the audio in real life like for example for i was watching T.V. then it just records the sounds of the T.V. not the sounds that I want to record on my phone. #AudioProblems.Quick and easy to use, good range of options, including landscape display, essential for tablets. Also, a good range of editing tools and everything works smoothly. Top of the range


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