google chrome cleanup tool for windows 10/8/7


If the chrome keeps phase change, closing or its page becomes unresponsive. you definitely would like chrome cleaner and you may realize google chrome cleanup tool to be the most effective app for this purpose. Chrome Cleanup Tool 38.193.200 was previously known as chrome software removal tool. It’s a little size tool that instantly scans and take away software that causes the matter in chrome like crashes, uncommon startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads. you can download chrome cleanup tool for Android systems, Windows Mac, google chrome cleanup tool for Windows 10/8/7 is safe to use.

chrome cleanup tool
  • License
  • Free
  • OS
  • Windows/Mac/Android
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest Release
  • 15 Oct 18
  • Version
  • 6.42.0
  • File Size
  • 3.75 MB
  • Developer
  • Google

Run the Chrome Cleanup Tool and it’ll instantly move to work, looking for programs which will have an effect on Chrome. once I ran it on my work computer, it failed to realize any such programs – which is nice. therefore when it failed to notice any unwanted programs, it moved on to the following step and asked to reset Chrome’s settings. google chrome cleanup tool for Windows 10/8/7

Chrome Cleanup Tool is free code. Google doesn’t ask something for its Chrome application and it doesn’t ask anything for this tool either.

chrome cleanup tool successfully removes the following suspicious programs:

  • BrowseFox
  • PullUpdate
  • Vitruvian
  • V-BatesCouponMarvel
  • SearchProtect
  • SupTab
  • MySearchDial
  • SaveSense
  • Price Meter
  • Sputnik/Guard
  • Conduit Toolbars, Community Alerts & ValueApps
  • Wajam
  • Multiplug
  • Shopper Pro
  • Stormwatch
  • SmartBar
  • Dealply
  • SmartWeb
  • MySearch123
  • AdPea
  • Translator
  • PriceFountain
  • Techsnab
  • Colisi
  • BrApp
  • LuckyTab
  • OneCall
  • Crossrider
  • Eorezo
  • Consumer Input
  • Content Defender
  • Movie Dea

chrome cleanup tool

This tool may be a must for all computer users. If your chrome browser shows suspicious sign you need to run this tool. This tool is additionally accessible for Mac and Android platforms. Its fully safe and secure utility

This tool has special feature when you run this tool it’ll scan and delete however at that time it automatically removes itself from your computer. so don’t be shocked after you don’t see this tool when removing unwanted software system.

This tool is extremely easy to use simply download it and then double click on that to run the setup. new windows can appear beginning the scanning method. depending upon your laptop the scanning method can take it slow to end the initial process.

Upon completion it’ll show you variety of malicious program then it will ask your permission to delete malware. those that ask regarding a way to uninstall chrome cleanup tool.

In windows how to Check malware by chrome cleanup tool?

Step one, Open your Chrome browser.

Step two, Click on the main menu button, located in the upper right-hand corner and represented by three dots.

Step three, When the drop-down menu appears, select Settings. You can also enter the following text in Chrome’s address bar (or Omnibox) in lieu of clicking on this menu item: chrome://settings

Step Four, Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced.

step Five, Scroll further until you locate the Reset and clean up section.

step seven, Select the Cleanup computer option.

step eight, Click on the FIND button, located to the right of the Find and remove harmful software option.

A message labeled Checking for harmful software… will now be displayed, accompanied by a spinning wheel. This process can take several minutes to complete, so be patient. If any suspicious programs are found, you will then be given the option to remove one or more of them. Chrome will also disable extensions at this point.

Resetting Your Browser Settings

If removing unwanted programs didn’t solve your problems, you may want to reset your browser’s settings back to their default state.

To remove malware from chrome on Mac, follow these steps.

  1. Frist Open Finder.
  2. Then On the left, click Applications.
  3. Search for any programs you don’t recognize.
  4. Right-click the name of any unwanted programs.
  5. Click Move to Trash.
  6. When you’re done, at the bottom, right-click Trash.
  7. Click Empty Trash.


I hope I have provided you with a detailed article about the chrome cleanup tool. Make sure to download it and enjoy the amazing experience like never before All the above and brand names mentioned above are the property of their respective owners.

Thank you for taking out time to read my article.


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