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Download Best Android application  Calculator Vault Premium Apk: Hide Photos & Videos + Applock by Augustro is a powerful security app that could disguise as a practical calculator, Hide photos & videos securely and can lock access to your personal apps with fingerprint/pin/pattern. Calculator Vault Premium Apk Download It’s no advertisements.

Calculator Vault Premium

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Calculator Vault Premium

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  • Calculator Vault Premium features

  • ★Nobody can find out what it is hiding!
  • ★ Enter your PIN to start Calculator Vault & Applock.
  • ★ Hide photos and videos in a few clicks from within Gallery Vault
  • ★ Hide photos and videos from anywhere using share supplier of Calculator Vault. E.g, From the Gallery app, click share alternative for the image that you wish to hide and choose Calculator Vault to hide it.
  • ★ Hide lately captured photos and videos using inbuilt Camera of Gallery Vault.
  • ★ Slideshow: Easily open a slideshow of hidden pictures and videos.
  • ★ Decoy Gallery Vault: If your friend or relative finds out that Calculator Vault is concealing something for you, then input a fake decoy pin to unlock a Decoy Gallery Vault with dummy contents.

Applock Features

★ Applock Intruder Selfie: When this attribute is enabled, We mail you selfies of intruders trying to bypass the security of locked apps. NOTE: Photos of intruders are sent from your device to your email. We don’t store any of your photos.
Fake Covers: Applock includes additional fake covers such as Fake Fingerprint on screen and Fake Crash covers.
★ Lock fresh apps upon installation.

Advanced Uninstall Protection: Calculator Vault and Applock may be guarded against uninstall efforts using Device Administrator permission.

App Disguise: When Calculator app identity is dismissed, Use App disguise attribute to change the icon of Calculator to a Scanner app with the choice to start Calculator from within Scanner app.
Themes: If you’re into colors, You can play about with beautiful theme colors.
Flip Flop Action: Setup an action when you reverse your telephone, Example Use case: When you’re seeing hidden items If somebody comes in unexpectedly then reverse your telephone to start””.

Calculator Vault Premium Uses Rules:

  • Hidden data is saved inside internal memory and when you uninstall Calculator Vault without unhiding data, Your information will be lost forever.
  • ⚠ Uninstall Protection: If you are using this attribute, Then uninstalling of Calculator Vault won’t be simple. You need to start Calculator Vault and disable”Uninstall Protection” and then you can uninstall the app normally. Also, there’s an option to uninstall the app inside”Uninstall Protection” settings.
  • NOTE:
    For innovative Uninstall security feature, We require Device administrator permission accessibility. It’s optional.
  • If you did not find our emails, Maybe our emails are moved to your Spam folder. If this happens please indicate our email as not spam to avoid this in the future.
  • Applock demands Utilization permission to detect app launches. It’s optional.
  • Gallery Vault requires Storage consent to hide photos and videos. It’s optional.
  • Gallery Vault requires Camera and sound record permission to capture new video/photo and hide right. It’s optional.

[su_quote]Disclaimer: Document management operations are often encountered with mistakes, thus we can’t be held responsible for any type of file loss or file corruption because of app operation. Users must use the Calculator Vault Premium at your own risk.[/su_quote]


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