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Call Recorder Pro APK is the best app to download for your Android mobile, many people are looking for this Call Recorder Pro APK  and sometimes they can’t find. Well, I’m here to give you the latest download link to the Call Recorder Pro APK so you can use all the features of this app.

automatic call recorder pro apk

How to install the Android automatic call recorder pro

First thing, all you have to do is to download the Call Recorder Pro App File.
Then go to Settings > Security > Activate Unknown Source Install After installing your Call Recorder Pro App file using that APK file.
Touch the Install button, now the installation method will begin automatically.

The best sound recording recorder with high-quality voice recorder installation is absolutely free. It’s easy and simple to use. Your meetings, private notes, speeches, presentations, songs can be recorded reliably. There are no timetables. Most of your sound and voice can be recorded by this application. A company meeting, a lecture, an interview can be recorded. This is the best choice for this app. You can call it other names: speech recorder, audio recorder, sound recorder.

File Name Automatic Call Recorder Pro  
Size 7.1MB
Version 5.58
Mods  Premium

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automatic call recorder pro Review:

  • Call recordingAutomatically record incoming & outgoing calls
  • Record voice with excellent sound quality
  • clear HD quality recording on both sides
  • Enable / Disable call recording options
  • playback of recorded calls at any time
  • Quick search recording
  • Recording Strategy
  • Automatically select the best method available for your device
  • Automatic/ Voice Call/ Native/ Media Recorder/ Microphone options
  • After calling actions-call, text & save the caller directly from the after call screen-access call recordings from the caller ID screen
  •  Recording Delay-Set recording delay for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Share & Manage Recording
  • Share recording file with anyone through social media
  • Delete, rename phone recording
  • All caller details from accessible recordings
  • Multiple Audio Formats-Supports MP3, high-quality PCM (wav), high-quality AAC (m4a / mp4) 
  • transparent AMR (3gp) sound to save room-Supports auto, proprietary voice, opponent voice, etc.
  • Cloud Backup-automatically back up your phone recordings to the cloud. Lock & Protect-Private mode option-Password help forgotten easily

Anruf Aufzeichnen Pro
Anruf Aufzeichnen Pro
Developer: Appliqato
Price: 5,99 €

  • More Special Features in automatic call recorder pro
  •  Small APK Size
  • The super quick speed with smooth experience
  •  Shows caller information on home page
  • Unlimited call duration on first call recording
  • Minimum RAM Consumption (operates in background mode)
  • Power Consumption Saving mode accessible Call Recorder
  • The best application for recording as your private Call Recorder app.
  • We can assist you to record significant phone calls and report threatening calls from someone. Our sound recorder offers recordings of high quality without time limits (only restricted by memory size). Enjoy free Call Recorder facilities with Call Recorder!
  • There are 3 default settings for automatic recording: record everything (default)–this setting files all calls except for pre-selected contacts to be omitted.
    Ignore everything–This configuration does not record calls except for pre-selected contacts to be recorded.
    Ignore contacts–This setting records all calls with individuals who are not contacts, except for pre-selected contacts to be recorded.
    Only in the Pro version: You can set calls from specific contacts to be automatically saved, and they will be saved in the cloud.

Anruf Aufzeichnen
Anruf Aufzeichnen
Developer: Appliqato
Price: Free

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1 st user review

This app was excellent. It recorded every call. It included the phone number, name, etc. with the recording files. Once you increased the loudness setting to full, both sides of the call were recorded clearly. Normal, speaker, and earphone/headphone/headset calls were all recorded clearly

2nd User review

I love this app, the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because sometimes it only records my voice not the other party’s voice as well. There’s no rhyme or reason to when it’s not going to record both sides, and I have some important calls that the other party’s voice needs to record.  Thanks for all you do!

3rd user review

best call recorder the same is all in one. Services are much better in comparison others recorders. I very much appreciate the services. Thanks a lot of the Team. I have been using this app for about 6 months, and it is very good.  it all time working with the fine. But now, several hundred calls later, it behaves same on every call. On some calls it will record . On other calls it will record very good quality audio with tons of static. And about half the time it simply records nothing. No history of the call whatsoever.

4 th user Review
Good software, clear voice recording and small file size, but it used to save the recording by stored contacts name, now it shows only “incoming call” “outgoing call”, that’s confusing because one has to go through the recording to figure out who was it and even if save it, it would still not show the names, all-in-all it’s great, thank you.

5th User Review

This app was excellent. It recorded every call. It included the phone number, name, etc. with the recording files. Once you increased the loudness setting to full, both sides of the call were recorded clearly. Normal, speaker, and earphone/headphone/headset calls were all recorded clearly. But ever since the major Android/Samsung and Call Recorder updates earlier this year, only one side — my side — of the call has been recorded clearly. What’s the problem? How and when will it be fixed?


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